Rubatano is a Christ centered, community based ministry striving to care for orphaned children and those suffering with HIV/AIDS in Mozambique. With its name meaning “unity” in the local dialect – Rubatano consists of volunteers from multiple different churches with the unified mission of reaching their neighbor for Christ. Whether it’s through home visits, feeding initiatives, income generating projects or orphan fun days – Rubatano is truly making a difference for Christ in Mozambique.


Mosaic is an umbrella for different ministries brought together to form one beautiful picture of the love of Jesus. The foundation of this ministry is Jesus’ charge to care for the “least of these” in His name and to carry out the Great Commission of making disciples of Jesus. Mosaic’s main ministry areas are: a boys center for over 40 orphaned boys, widow care, overseeing a local Christian primary school for 600 children, running a handicapped center for the community outcasts, ministering to prison inmates & a leadership & discipleship school.



We have several local ministries and missionaries whom we work with in Nepal. One ministry is very involved in church planting and discipleship. They have conducted a Bible school each spring and have sent the students out into villages to preach the Gospel to the villagers. They also conduct a youth conference during the Hindu festival in the fall. Another missionary works with street children and people who have been prostituted in Kathmandu. We also work with several Awana missionaries. Besides teaching on the Bible, we provide medical care, income generating projects and wells.


Western Cape Ministry

Through a partnership with a body of faithful followers of Jesus Christ in Western Cape, it has been possible to perform many ministry outreaches in this region. These have consisted of medical, eyeglass and children’s outreaches. In addition, this partnership has led to similar outreaches in other parts of southern Africa, including Zimbabwe and Swaziland. It is always a joy to see an abundant harvest of souls who put their trust in Jesus. A recent addition to these ministry opportunities has been the teaching of, mainly men, how to weld as well as conducting discipleship training for Sunday school teachers. Another new venture has been the support of the establishment of small businesses, like a welding shop. This enables folk to support their families and also give back some proceeds to local ministries.


Crossroads ministry is located in KwaZulu, Natal, South Africa. Their principle mission is to work to alleviate human suffering and restore the dignity of many individuals who live in severe poverty and vulnerability. This is done by addressing their immediate physical needs while offering meaningful solutions to the effects of poverty. The reason many in the area they serve are so very vulnerable is due to high levels of HIV/AIDS. The solutions to poverty like the feeding of about 8,000 school students per day and a community care center are done in collaboration with governments, local communities, corporate and other organizations.




Summer Hope

Summer Hope is an initiative of Master’s Heart with the ultimate goal of challenging the local Church to be purposeful with our summer by reaching our neighbor for Christ. Whether its though a “kick off” exposure event with inflatable games & hot dogs, weekly community activities, one day sports camps or distributing winter clothing & washing feet at our close event – our hope is to share the Gospel with our neighbors & impact a community for Christ.

Widow Care

The mission of the Widow Care program is to bring hope to widows by showing the love of Jesus in practical ways. Through teams consisting of men & women, the objective is to reach out by doing handyman jobs of many different descriptions. With hopes of being intentional with the Gospel – each widow visit will consist of a time of testimony & prayer.



Project Engage

Engage exists to connect eager volunteers with ministry partners serving the poorest of the poor in desperate areas such as Mozambique, Nepal & South Africa. With a year commitment, volunteers will receive intense & purposeful training stateside for 2-3 months & then head overseas equipped to serve alongside ministry partners.

Orphan Sponsorship

In partnership with Rubatano, Masters Heart has identified an area of central Mozambique where 9,000 children are orphaned and desperate for just one meal a day. By giving $25 a month – Rubatano can provide an orphaned child three essential services – food security & access to health care and education. It is through providing for these little ones that we can share the love of Christ.

Income Generating Projects

Whether it’s through breeding goats in Nepal or running a welding shop in South Africa – we hope that by supporting certain income generating projects we are ultimately supporting our local partners & the local Church.

Water Wells

By quenching physical thirst God has opened doors to providing the answer to spiritual thirst around the globe. Through generous funding, many water wells have been placed in multiple nations resulting in churches planted and men, women & children being drawn to Jesus.

5810 Farming

God has firmly laid on our hearts the need to improve farming methods in areas where people, mainly children, are literally starving. It grieves us that more children die of hunger in southern Africa than from HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. The words of Isaiah 58:10,11 have inspired us into action. These verses are a distinct call to reach out to the hungry and oppressed. In practice this has started with the implementation of a pilot program of one field in central Mozambique. This is intended to demonstrate improved farming methods.  Then it is planned in the near future to substantially expand this program to 7 fields. While Master's Heart will financially support each new field it will be agreed by each farmer that they give 20% of their crop to the local orphan ministry. It is our hope, Lord willing, to expand 5810 Farming to other countries where farming could be improved in order to feed more hungry mouths!





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